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Sunday, February 5, 2017

DDA Housing Scheme Feb 2017 - Online Application for LIG, MIG, HIG Flat Price, Loan EMI, Down Payment

Updated on 05.02.17 DDA Housing Scheme 2017 - All about Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Housing Scheme ✓ Application Form ✓ Brochure ✓ Possession Letter ✓ Launch Date ✓ Draw Procedure ✓ Registration Amount ✓ Price Range ✓ Price/Cost of Flats ✓ Area and Location of Flats ✓ Banks links ✓ Application Status ✓ Waiting List ✓ Helpline Numbers ✓ Breaking News ✓ Online & Offline form filling Procedure & more for Janta, EHS, LIG, MIG, HIG, SFS flat allotted by DDA.

A proposal for launching of Housing Scheme 2017 was placed before the authority. About 13000+ flats of different categories are proposed for disposal under the scheme, category wise details are as under:

HIG 79 77.57 to 142.46 41.62 - 140.24
MIG 398 64.04 to 109.88 30.23 - 70.07
LIG/One Room Flat 11671 28.34 to 52.63 14.95 - 28.54
Janta 437 18.85 to 30.45 6.68 - 15.15
EHS (Expandable) 563 24.19 to 77.57 11.67 - 77.57

The flats would be mainly located in Rohini, Dwarka and Narela apart from Vasant Kunj, Sheikh Sarai, Defence Colony and Kalkaji.

The highest concentration of these flats are in Rohini, followed by Dwarka and Narela.

Most of these flats would be one bedroom type, meant for the economically weaker section (EWS) category. However, there would also a sizeable number of two bedroom and three bedroom flats on offer.

The ‘DDA Housing Scheme 2014' had over 25,000 flats on offer, out of which over 22,000 flats were one-bedroom apartments.

DDA Housing Scheme 2017 Online Application Procedure

Content awaited...

Procedure of Draw Results

✓ The electronic draw of portion of pads is focused around irregular Number Indicated Technique. The Complete draw methodology includes three stages i.e, Randomization of candidates & pads, picking of Lucky Numbers lastly the mapping of candidates and the pads. The point by point portrayal is ass under.

✓ The application records and the pads are randomized by annexing irregular numbers to every application and every level ans sorting them on arbitrary numbers. The randomized candidate records and the randomized pads are then printed on papers. printed type of randomized candidates record is called cross-reference of candidates and comparably the printed manifestation of randomized pads is called Cross-Reference of pads. These cross references of candidates and the pads are then put before the judges for verifying that all the candidates and the pads are appropriately reshuffled/randomized. After their fulfillment the judges put their initials on these records.

✓ Boxes having numbered coins 0 to 9 in each one crate are utilized for this reason, one container for every digit are set before the judges for choosing the beginning positions for the candidates and the pads in the above said cross references where from the portion methodology is to be launched by the machine. The beginning position for candidates is known as the LUCKY Number for candidates and the beginning position for pads is known as the LUCKY NUMBER of FLATS. The Number of boxes to be kept relies on the quantity of digits altogether number of candidates and the aggregate number of pads to be dispensed.

✓ On the off chance that the aggregate number of candidates is 6 digit number and the aggregate number of pads to be distributed is a 4 digit number then 6 cases are needed for picking the lucky number for candidates and 4 crates for picking thelucky number for pads. to choose the lucky number for candidates and the pads by coin formeach box is grabbed by the judges in the wake of shaking each one crate and the number so structured by the got coins from the containers for candidates and the pads are taken as lucky numbers to begin the mapping procedure of candidates and the pads in the draw.

✓ The Lucky number of candidates and the pads grabbed by the judges by the procedure are composed on paper and the signature of the judges are undertaken it. After this, the lucky quantities of candidates and the pads are encouraged into the machine and the machine makes assignment by mapping the candidates and the pads beginning from the positions comparing to the lucky numbers in the cross references dealing with CHOICES of LOCALITIES of candidates and the reservation of different held classes. While making the apportioning , the physically debilitated persons are allocated the pads first up to their determined reservation as they should be given the ground floors. The reservation toeach class is given area insightful. The booking for PH, SC, ST, Ex-administration Men (EX), War dowagers and so forth is kept according to their booked portion.

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